Instructional Video Series: Operationalizing your PFAC

This instructional series on forming a Patient and Family Advisory Council contains 14 short videos (4 to 8 minutes each). You may watch them all at once in the playlist below, or skip down the page to find links to each individual video on YouTube.


 Individual Videos in the Series

STEP 1) Raising Awareness of the ‘Why’

VIDEO 1: The Basics
What do we mean when we use the terms Patient and Family Centered Care, Patient/Family Engagement and Patient Experience? What is the relationship between these concepts? How do all of these things connect with Patient and Family Advisory Councils? In this video, Tiffany explores all of these questions and more!

VIDEO 2: What leadership will want to know
When working to get buy-in and planning for your PFAC, you will need to be able to answer two big questions:
1) “What is a PFAC?”
2) “What is the value of a PFAC?”
In this video, Allison shares several ways in which you can answer those questions clearly and concretely.


STEP 2) Preparing/Leadership Buy-In

VIDEO 3: Tips for gaining support
So now, you are ready to move ahead with your PFAC and it’s time to talk with leadership about the vision. What do they need to know? What’s the best approach and what are your “asks” for those in leadership roles? In this video, Tiffany shares these specific tips for launching your PFAC with leadership support in place.


STEP 3) Structure

VIDEO 4: Choosing your internal team
Who sits at the PFAC table and what are their roles? In this video, Tiffany walks through the top 1 -3 steps to choosing the internal team and planning ahead for a successful PFAC launch.

VIDEO 5: Planning your PFAC
Your structure is the foundation for the usefulness and sustainability of your PFAC. Making key decisions about where to start with your structure while keeping in mind long term goals such as a multi-PFAC organization is key to success over time. In this video, Allison explores where to begin with structuring your PFAC and things to consider for your future PFAC growth.


STEP 4) Recruiting

VIDEO 6: Ideal characteristics of a PFAC volunteer
Before recruiting Patient and Family Advisors, it’s essential to have a solid understanding of what characteristics are most beneficial for a PFA to possess. In this video, Tiffany illustrates these characteristics as well as the evolving nature of PFAC recruitment over time.

VIDEO 7: Identifying your PFA volunteers
Now you are ready to recruit! Do you know where to look for your PFAs? How do you set yourself up for success with the team you currently have? In this video, Allison answers these questions and more.

VIDEO 8: Application, Interview and decision-making
A thorough application process is a critical part of building an effective PFAC. In this video, Allison walks you through the recommended components of the PFA application process and provides you with some tips on how to handle PFAC applicants who are not a good fit for your program.


STEP 5) Training

VIDEO 9: Why should I train my PFAs differently than other volunteers? What might a PFA training include?

VIDEO 10: Communicating in the spirit of partnership
Successfully partnering patients and families with healthcare providers in a PFAC environment requires thoughtful and purposeful communication. In this video, Allison clarifies the roles of staff and PFAs in the PFAC environment (the first step in facilitating meaningful partnership) and provides some concrete communication strategies that you can use to train your own PFAC members.


STEP 6) Launching and Running

VIDEO 11: What should we include in our first agenda / delegation of duties?

VIDEO 12: What does a PFAC talk about?
In this video, Allison presents some ideas for topics and projects to get you started in your PFAC. These examples get you thinking about where opportunities might exist to engage your PFAC in projects and initiatives in your own organization.


STEP 7) Sustaining

VIDEO 13: Evolution of the role of the PFA

VIDEO 14: Measurement
Measurement is important not only to demonstrate the impact of your PFAC on improving the patient experience, but also for accountability and performance improvement purposes. In this video, Allison introduces some specific approaches to measurement, including what to include in a PFAC annual report.