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#UseAntibioticsWisely campaign

UseAntibioticsWisely poster Overuse and misuse of antibiotics is creating a major threat to public health: antibiotic resistance. We are all part of the problem—and the solution. Antibiotics only work on bacteria, not viruses that cause colds or flu. Taking an antibiotic when it’s not needed will not help you recover faster. However, doing so does contribute to antibiotic resistance. 

KDHE and KHC have developed a statewide campaign to spread the word about what patients and providers can do to help. We invite health care providers and the public to participate within their facilities and communities.

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KHC’s Quality Improvement Advisors (QIAs) are available to work with providers and clinics across Kansas, with support tailored to your practice’s needs.


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In an effort to align quality improvement efforts in Kansas, the Kansas Healthcare Collaborative has partnered with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment Bureau of Health Promotion to enhance partnerships between providers and community-based individuals and organizations to improve care coordination, to identify patients who are at a higher risk for developing chronic diseases, to increase screenings for cervical, breast, and colorectal cancers, and to better connect patients to evidence-based resources and other community health programs to support self-management.

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The full Community Health Resource Guide with program details can be found here (pdf).
Specific programs include:

Additional KDHE-CDC Resources


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Kansas Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN)

Among its core initiatives, the Kansas Healthcare Collaborative leads hospital patient safety improvement efforts statewide on behalf of the Kansas Hospital Association as one of 34 state partners with the Health Research & Educational Trust (HRET) of the American Hospital Association.


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KHC Partnerships

KHC works in collaboration with a number of partners throughout the state, region, and nation to promote quality, safety, and value in health care.

Kansas Quality Improvement Partnership

The Kansas Quality Improvement Partnership meets regularly to discuss opportunities for collaboration, and includes representatives from the Kansas Healthcare Collaborative, the Kansas Hospital Association, the Kansas Foundation for Medical Care, the Kansas Medical Society, and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. These meetings provide an opportunity for strategic discussions about ways to complement each organization’s work, enhance hospital engagement, and maintain the integrity and reputation of our organizations through clear communication and messaging to hospitals.

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