Summit on Quality 2022

Summit on Quality 2022

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Summit on Quality

August 19, 2022


The Summit on Quality has been different since our last in-person event, which was the 11th annual Summit in Wichita, in 2019. Each year since then, we’ve adapted to changing circumstances to offer an educational opportunity that was appropriate for the time and for the circumstances faced by our partners. While the pandemic itself has relatively subsided, the circumstances many of our partners continue to face are significant to say the least. For many, staffing challenges alone make attending an event like the Summit an unaffordable luxury — at least in May 2022, as we had previously planned.

Therefore, KHC staff and our Board of Directors have decided it would be better to delay the Summit until later in the year, when perhaps staffing challenges will have also subsided and attending such an event will once again be feasible and welcome. We have set the new date for August 19 in Topeka at the KAMMCO/Kansas Medical Society/KHC conference center. To receive the latest information about Summit developments and other KHC news, subscribe to our newsletter:

We will be working to tailor this educational opportunity to circumstances faced by both clinical staff and hospital staff as the date approaches. We anticipate offering national speakers, local partner presentations, and roundtable discussions to consider topics such as burnout, staffing challenges, behavioral health and integrated care, and practical application of health equity principles, among other things. We look forward to being able to meet in person once again and benefit from the opportunity that spending a short time away from daily demands can have for KHC’s work and the work of our partners.

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