KHC hires new employees

Duffield chuck 002Chuck DuffieldJuneDevin 002Devin June

The Kansas Healthcare Collaborative (KHC) announces the addition of two new staff members, Chuck Duffield, Topeka, and Devin June, Derby, to assist with the implementation of KHC’s statewide hospital- and practice-based quality improvement initiatives.

Chuck Duffield, Topeka, joins KHC as a Performance Improvement Manager and will work with KHC's health care quality improvement programs. He is responsible for improvement processes as well as assisting with planning and implementing quality and patient safety programs statewide. Duffield works closely with improvement leaders and teams to provide support and resources leading to successful improvement initiatives.

Duffield’s background includes work with Kansas state psychiatric services, 20 years of active duty service in the United States Air Force in programs for Mental Health Education, Computer Programming, and Entertainment Operations. He has worked in Information Technology development, management, and engineering for large medical centers and major corporations.

As a contractor and Civil Service employee, Duffield worked with education and training for Electronic Health Records at Armed Services hospitals and clinics, as a Workflow Analyst for U.S. Army Medical Clinics, and Training Management for Veterans Affairs. He holds a Master of Management Information Systems from Friends University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Wayland Baptist College majoring in Mental Health Nursing, as well as two Associate degrees from the Community College of the Air Force - in Education and Computer Programming.

Devin June, Derby, joins KHC as a Quality Improvement Advisor for the Compass Practice Transformation Network in Kansas. He will work with physician practices to assess performance and identify strategies and best practices to support clinicians in the transition of a delivery and payment system built on volume to one based on performance.

June’s background includes 15 years of work in health care that encompasses profit, not for profit and community hospitals. His skills include accounts receivable, ambulatory care, database management, joint commission regulatory accreditation, staff training, patient compliant resolution, patient safety, policy creation, process improvement, and quality and risk management. June received a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Services Management with a minor in Business Administration from Wichita State University. He is currently working on his master’s in Health Care Quality (HCMS) at George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

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