HCP Immunization

Health Care Personnel Influenza Immunization

In an effort to reduce the spread of influenza and to protect the health of both patients and health care providers, the Kansas Healthcare Collaborative recommends that all health care providers receive the seasonal influenza immunization.

The results of its tenth annual statewide survey of hospital health care workers found that 93.9 percent of hospital personnel in Kansas received influenza vaccination during the 2017-18 flu season.

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Hospital personnel flu vaccination rates


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released its 2018-19 Flu Campaign Toolkit.  Be sure to check it out as you gear up for the current flu season.  In addition, see the CDC's new Digital Campaign Toolkit

KHC also has compiled a comprehensive, online toolkit in support of Hospital Health Care Personnel Influenza Immunization. 








Education and Resources

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Sample Hospital HCP Influenza Immunization Policies


Success Stories


For more information about the annual survey of Immunization of Hospital Health Care Personnel and resources to support your facility's immunization campaign, contact Michele Clark, KHC program director, at or 785-235-0763 x1321.