Patient and Family Engagement (PFE)

Hospitals across the state and nation have made substantial progress in recent years in incorporating patient and family engagement (PFE) as part of their organizational approach to attaining higher levels of patient satisfaction and outcomes. Still, many hospitals are uncertain about how to envision the role of PFE in safety and quality improvement design and seek support in navigating the process of establishing an effective Patient and Family Advisor Program and/or Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC).

Contact KHC for log-in information for KHC HIIN hospitals to access resources developed and compiled during previous cohorts of the KHC HIIN PFAC Collaborative, including a living online toolkit, instructional videos, and webinar recordings.

The Five CMS Patient and Family Engagement Metrics

By partnering with patients, their families and other caregivers, hospitals can improve the quality and safety of health care, reduce costs, increase employee satisfaction and improve the patient experience.  The Health Research & Education Trust has developed a resource compendium to help link PFE concepts and strategies to available resources. 

The latest edition of the CMS Partnership for Patients Strategic Vision Roadmap for Person and Family Engagement is now available (October 2017). This Roadmap replaces the first edition (2016) and the PFE metrics addendum.  The second edition of the Roadmap includes information about the connection between PFE and health equity.  Also refer to the health equity addendum for more in-depth information.

KHC conducted a PFE webinar in July 2016 to review the five metrics. The recorded presentation with Tanya Lord can be accessed in the KHC educational archive.  Download presentation handout (pdf).

Recorded presentation:  "A primer for Patient and Family Engagement," by Cheryl Ruble, MS, RN, CNS, improvement advisor, Cynosure Health, at the Kansas Hospital Engagement Network Collaborative Meeting, December 2013.   Cheryl also presented during a recorded webinar in September 23, 2015 on PFE, especially the discharge planning checklist.   Download September webinar presentation handout (pdf).

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid  Services (CMS) and its National Content Developer conducted a national Master Class Series during the original Hospital Engagement Network in support of hospitals' focus on patient and family engagement. Here are some specific Master Classes that relate directly to the 5 PFE metrics:

Resources for PFE Metrics

PFE Metric 1:  Planning Checklist for patients known to be coming to the hospital

PFE Metric 2:  Conducting shift change huddles and bedside reporting with patients and family members in all feasible cases.

    Sample hospital videos demonstrating bedside handoffs with patients and families


 PFE Metric 3: Designation of an accountable leader in the hospital who is responsible for PFE.

PFE Metric 4:  Hospital has an active Patient and Family Advisory Council or other committees where patients are represented.

PFE Metric 5: Hospital has one or more patient representatives serving on the hospital board of directors.

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Selected Resources for Engaging Patients and Families as Partners in Safety: