Hand Hygiene Collaborative


Hospitals participating in the KHC HIIN are invited to collaborate in improving hand hygiene within their organizations.  See the information flyer for more information:

Enrollment to the KHC Hand Hygiene Collaborative is open. Click on this link to complete the online enrollment form:


Hand Hygiene Collaborative participants can register for future events and access recordings of past events on the members-only page.

Hand Hygiene Members Section


HRET HIIN Hand Hygiene (CDI) webinar (March 9, 2017)
Maybe It's Time We Tried Something New!  See-Speak-Save A Life
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HRET HEN 2.0 Webinar (June 9, 2016)
Time to Soap Up Your Hand Hygiene Game!
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KHC HEN 1.0 Infection Prevention Hot Topics (Oct. 22, 2014)
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Hand Hygiene Resources

STRIVE Hand Hygiene Learning Modules

HRET and the CDC offer online learning modules for hospitals participating in the STRIVE (States Targeting Reduction in Infections via  Engagement) Project.  We have received permission to share these resources with you.  Recommended audiences are your infection prevention team, medical staff and nursing staff.

Core Concepts for Hand Hygiene: Clean Hands for Health Care Personnel (HH101)
Duration: 15 min
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Outline the importance of effective hand hygiene for protection of health care personnel and patients. Participants will also be able to describe proper hand hygiene techniques, including when various techniques should be used.

Hand Hygiene: Education, Monitoring and Feedback (HH102)
Duration: 20 min
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Calculate hand hygiene adherence rates based upon hand hygiene events and opportunities, compare and contrast different hand hygiene adherence monitoring methods and list components of a hand hygiene data collection tool.

Identifying Motivators for Hand Hygiene: External and Internal Factors (HH103)
Duration: 25 min
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Recognize common challenges to the performance of hand hygiene, discuss the role of external and internal factors that influence behavior change, identify motivators for hand hygiene and describe methods to inform improvement efforts.


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