RFP: Kansas Overdose Data to Action Program

The Kansas Healthcare Collaborative—in partnership with Kansas Department of Health and Environment—is soliciting applications from hospitals and health systems interested in participating in a project to identify provider needs related to opioid use and pain management and in implementing evidence-based interventions, including opioid overdose protocols, policies, and procedures. The interventions will engage ED staff and community partners to promote referrals to evidence-based treatment and community resources.

KHC funded two projects in 2020 (Year 1), and expects to award funding for two additional projects in Year 2 of this three-year program. Applications for Year 2 will be taken Fall 2020. The application form for Year 1 remains available below as a reference for what might be expected in Year 2.

Grant application (Year 1)

 Download file (.zip file — contains 1 .docx and 1 .xlsx)


If you have questions about this RFP, please contact KHC Program Director Rosanne Rutkowski at (785) 235-0763 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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