Orientation Video Series for Patient and Family Advisors

This is a four-part training series designed for use by hospitals as part of a comprehensive training and orientation for patient and family advisors.

Objectives for this video series:

  1. Describe how patient and family advisors (PFAs) contribute to an improved experience for patients, families, community members and health care professionals.
  2. Discuss the contribution that PFAs can make to hospital quality improvement initiatives.
  3. Compare hospital-community member engagement models and PFA roles in each model.
  4. Identify key principles of effective communication to support a collaborative work environment.
  5. Describe best practices for sharing a patient or caregiver story with an audience.

Part 1 – PFAs and the Changing  Culture of Health Care


Part 2 – Partnering Across the Organization


Part 3 – Communicating Effectively as a PFA


Part 4 – Effectively Sharing Your Story




These videos were produced in partnership with Tandem Healthcare Solutions. Copyright 2020 Kansas Healthcare Collaborative.

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