Summit on Quality 2022

Summit on Quality 2022

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Summit on Quality
May 19, 2022

In 2021, the Summit on Quality moved online for the first time in its 12 years. While we did so due to COVID-19, we were pleased to hear that most attendees welcomed the online, on-demand approach. Many attendees told us that circumstances at their organization would not have allowed them to attend an in-person.

In planning for the 2022 Summit on Quality, we are mindful that circumstances continue to be challenging for many organizations. Therefore, we anticipate offering online access to the programming. We will continue to assess whether we might also offer an in-person portion of the Summit – should we do so, it will likely be a one-day event in Topeka.

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The Summit on Quality programming is tailored to physicians, hospital leaders, quality improvement professionals, clinic managers, risk managers, infection preventionists, long-term care providers, and other interested health care professionals—practicing in both urban and rural settings throughout our state.

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