Compass PTN Innovator's Symposium



The Compass Practice Transformation Network (PTN) Innovators’ Symposium will be held June 11 and 12 in Atlanta, Georgia. This event serves as the culmination of the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPi) and will highlight the outcomes and successes of participating practices. Compass PTN clinic representatives who attend the Symposium will learn from speakers who emphasize the importance of a value-based healthcare system, and will have the opportunity to interact with practices who have demonstrated exemplary outcomes as a result of their transformation efforts.The Innovators’ Symposium will also feature national speakers along with breakout sessions that attendees can choose to attend.

The final day of the Symposium will be completely dedicated to the sharing of best practices through an exemplar practice marketplace. High performing practices throughout Compass PTN will develop a story that explains the work they have accomplished, the impact it has had on patients, and how they plan to sustain and spread their achievements. These best practices can be adopted by other clinics throughout the network to further accelerate the transformation to value-based care.