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KHC HIIN webinar recordings available for viewing

All KHC Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN) webinars are recorded and available for viewing in our online KHC Educational Archive.  Handouts also are included with each event.  For a list of upcoming webinars and meetings, visit the KHC Events page.

KHC HIIN Education Archive


KHC offers monthly webinars for the Kansas Hospital Improvement Innovation Network. To participate in the live events, please visit the KHC Events page to pre-register.  Each event is recorded, and links to the recording and handouts are below.


KHC HIIN Webinar - April 26, 2017
"Communicating progress and value in patient safety"


South-Central HIINergy PartnersMarch 22, 2017
"The UP Campaign:  UP Your Game with HIIN, with a focus on Get UP"


KHC HIIN Webinar - February 22, 2017
"#WhyImHIIN and the Power of Story Telling"


South-Central HIINergy Partners - January 25, 2017
"Getting Started in HIIN"


KHC HIIN Webinar - December 7, 2016
"Getting HIINergized!"


Data Office Hours KHC HIIN Webinar - November 30, 2016


October 2016 KHC HIIN Webinar 

Kickoff meeting for the new Hospital Improvement Innovation Network initiative.

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